2013 at a glance

Part of the reason that I started this blog comes from seeing someone write on her blog little monthly recaps about her whole year. I realized due to being in a boy-induced fog, I was unable to think about much of the year without thinking of him. And so I resolved to live a year where each month was distinguishable and things happened.. because I was awake 🙂


Was a bit of a blur as I recovered from jetlag due to being in Canada for three weeks, gave up running for 10 days, marked thousands of exam papers and tried to get over the month of the blah. I went out for a few randomly fun Saturday nights. I did see a Muse concert. Signed up for a half marathon.


Was a good month involving a ski trip with a whack of 7th graders. I gave up alcohol for the month partly due to the random Saturday nights in January. Started hanging out with a new guy. Trained for a half marathon. Spent a long weekend doing fun things around Tokyo.


Was a good month. Nothing out of the ordinary. Stopped hanging out with the new guy. Signed up for an uphill 10K. Made plans to see a guy from LA. Met up in Manila with a friend I hadn’t seen since we worked together in Indonesia. Went to Boracay and fell in love with it. Read lots of books and had an amazing day sailing. Took a week off running and started to feel really badly about it.


Began with new resolutions to “become”.. part of which meant to stop torturing myself with things that went wrong in the past. I forgave someone who hurt me, which allowed me to happily move on. I received a promotion at work which makes sticking around Tokyo for a bit longer seem more worthwhile. Met up with the guy from LA. We had been in contact for over 2 years but never met in real life. It was really great and I have a feeling we’ll see each other again. I also ran and survived my first half marathon. The month ended with me receiving some pretty devastating news. News that shook me to my core but also caused me to run right to God.


May began with a nice charity 10K run. Turned out Sean Astin (Sam from LotR) ran it too! I loved that run and started to enjoy running again. Spent a lot of time with God and He helped me TRUST in Him completely and gave me a deep deep sense of PEACE despite the trying circumstances. The bad news I received at the end of April turned out to be even worse than we thought and so I began to change my summer plans up a bit which ended up being a rather smooth procedure. I also made a video for our Grade 12 graduates with one of my friends/colleagues. It was a great distraction and fun to do something creative with a person who can technically make all my creative ideas come true! The girls adored it and the school started to feel like a happier place.


I finished off my 8th year of teaching, wrapped up some loose ends at work and boarded an earlier flight home. The month was spend mostly in Canada, being with my family and helping take care of my dad, mainly by driving him to the clinic for his radiation treatments. I was able to catch up with lots of friends and also spend time relaxing. I read a lot. While there were some hard moments in the month, being home was amazing and it was so good to be able to spend lots of time with my dad.


The month absolutely flew by! Some highlights include: beach days, a shopping and Cedar Point trip to Ohio with my sister, a week at the most beautiful cottage ever in Muskoka with my family and some great times with friends! The month finished with a train trip to Kingston to see grandparents and cousins. Always a treat.


I headed back to Tokyo after 2 months in Canada. Goodbyes are never fun. Upon arriving in Tokyo I was hit with the hot blast of heat and humidity that is Tokyo in August. I started co-coaching the cross country team the first day back. Talk about sweat! I also started my new position as Head of English. The month was a lot of hard work, sweat and sweat but it was good to get back into my routine and life here in Japan.


What a hot and crazy month. I was able to go to Hong Kong for 5 days in the middle. Attended a workshop and got to meet up with girls I have worked with in Indonesia and Germany. A nice little getaway! Also started our Cross Country Meets which was a fun yet exhausting way to spend a Saturday. Feel like most of the month went by in a blur as I tried to balance coaching, with new teaching position at work as well as all the day-to-day happenings.


Another busy and crazy month. Had finals for Cross Country and an end of season party for that. Then flew with 7 girls and the other coach to Guam for a tournament. Was a great time although with typhoons hitting Japan and Guam, made for some rainy weather.


Another month dominated by work. Worked hard to get girls ready for a Speech Contest and then headed off with another group of them to Singapore for a week long conference. I am looking forward to getting into a routine of just teaching.


Began with my birthday which was a lot of fun with a lot of good people. Then got all crazy busy as I prepared to come home for Christmas. Being in Canada for 3 weeks was fantastic and a great chance to unwind and be around family and friends. I watched a LOT of movies, Catching Fire, The Hobbit 2, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and at a LOT of food, which I’m sure will haunt me all of January but it was a great time to be at home.


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