Thanks eh!

one thousand gifts

I do love jumping on a good bandwagon but sometimes I’m a bit late. I have heard Ann Voskamp’s name around and lots of chatter about her book One Thousand Gifts. I wasn’t really listening when people used to talk about her because I just figured it was some sort of Christian buzz and for the past while I wasn’t really into reading things that would challenge my outlook and viewpoint, much less my faith.

Anyway when I was home in Canada one morning my mom read me one of her blog posts on the New Year and it made us cry and I was hooked. I wanted to hear more. And so I downloaded her book and got right into it.

I love her approach to living a life of gratitude and have never realized how spiritual it is to give thanks. The importance of giving thanks in the good times as well as the bad times. Being able to look at life through a lens of gratitude is something I am going to work on doing this year. I think that whole thing goes along with being really awake. Awake enough to notice the things for which we should give thanks. Looking at the details of every situation and coming away from them with thanksgiving. Powerful stuff.

So true, my life is very different from Mrs Voskamp’s life but I find that her message is strong for anyone in any stage of life. Her idea of making a list of a 1000 things I’m grateful for is something I can do as a single, school teacher living in Tokyo. I definitely recommend her book and her other writings. They definitely change a girl’s perspective and even though I was late jumping on this bandwagon, I’m so glad I did!

P.S. I must admit that after reading her book I suddenly want to marry a farmer, live on a farm and raise and homeschool half a dozen kids. Who knew?


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