Schlumpy McSchlumperston

my shoesWhen it comes to the fitness/healthy part of my life..I fear I am becoming the thing I hate: A very unmotivated individual.

I’ve got a major case of the January Blahs and I’m finding it really hard to shake them off. I was able to be fit and maintain a rather impressive exercise regime over Christmas. I got back to Tokyo feeling great (despite the jet lag) and was ready to take on 2013 and all my fitness and healthy living goals.. BUT then something happened. Jet lag, sugar cravings, general malaise, post-Canada homesickness, social gatherings, cold weather, rain, sudden snowfall… all contributed to me just losing my zest and zeal.

Now it’s not the total end of the world. I have been doing bare minimum workouts .. or something slightly active but nothing impressive. I haven’t been going terribly over my daily calories but I haven’t been very careful with my food choices either. Sugar keeps a girl awake! I’ve been preferring my couch and my new sherpa blanket (get one if you don’t have one) to running in the cold dark weather.
I know I need to shake it off.. and I know what I need to do in order to do it.. I just can’t seem to make myself do it…
So what to do? Lollygag around losing muscle and gaining weight or stop feeling apathetic and sorry for myself and do what needs to be done? I know the answer, you know the answer, we all know the answer!
These periods of general loss of motivation happen.. I have a plethora of quotes that are supposed to help (they don’t) and I have a million strategies for beating this but at the end of the day it boils down to one thing.. I just need to do it. It’s that simple. I need to work out even when I don’t feel like it.. even when I don’t care about it.. even when I really don’t want to. Eventually I know.. “maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon”… (Casablanca anyone?) I’ll get my groove back.. and I’ll be on fire again. I’ll be ready to tackle all of my 2013 goals and it’s going to be great!
Until then… I’ve gotta force myself off the couch and out the door!
Now where are my running socks?

One thought on “Schlumpy McSchlumperston

  1. hello stranger…
    motivating yourself is – as for everybody else – a very difficult task and especially after the holiday period… i find myself in that disaster every year, however by writing about it – you are somewhat on the way to mastering it… and you’re right… just get out there… and when i’m out there i know… it is beautiful and inspirinig… even though today it is snowing here and currenty i am sitting on the couch… later on i will be running… so i invite you to come along… not physically of course… 🙂 and lets exchange notes about the activiity afterwards…
    greetings from across the world…

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