Yesterday Afternoon

NefariousYesterday afternoon a friend invited me to a screening of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. A Documentary  on the Global Sex Trade. It was incredible in an awful sort of way. The interviews they had were shocking and heart wrenching. Story after story of girls who were sold either by criminals and in many cases their parents. The film also looked at how women end up as prostitutes and interviewed women who worked in Amsterdam and Las Vegas. The point is that no woman chooses this life and the ones who somehow think it’s the best solution, get caught and trapped in it.

It’s easy to get completely inspired yet feel totally helpless at the same time. While watching the film I had every inclination to jump out of my seat, book a flight to Bangkok and start rescuing girls. If only it was that simple.. In the same breath I felt completely overwhelmed by the “bigness” of this issue, knowing it’s so horrible but lacks a simple solution. I just wanted to cry out: Tell me what to do.. I’ll do it!

The film was great when it came to showing different NGOs and groups that were helping fight against this and put an end to sex slavery. It also emphasized the importance of prayer in fighting this. I sometimes.. many times underestimate the power of prayer. The NGOs mentioned and some others including, International Justice Mission, Agape International, Love 146… are doing such brave and noble work and we need to get behind them and encourage them, donate to and support them in every way we can. And we must pray about this. We must be prayer warriors, realizing that this issue is not too big for God.

Not for Sale Japan hosted the event and it was shocking to learn what a massive issue sex slavery is in Japan as well. I think because I don’t know the language very well and everything looks good on the outside, it’s hard to even fathom that such atrocities are occurring right here. I’m going to commit to supporting this organization and learning about different ways I can help whether that’s by promoting their cause, volunteering at events, praying for them and being open to different ways I can help.

So that was my Saturday afternoon…



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