“I Hear What You’re Saying”

SHIP It’s pretty incredible what we can hear when we turn off all the noise. It’s amazing how daily and consistent contact with God allows us to be so incredibly tuned into what He is saying. I spent a long time blocking out His urging, guidance, commands.. so much so that I think I sort of forgot what it felt like to hear anything from Him. I’ve been so skeptical of people who say they will “pray about it and see what God says”. BUT HOW CAN YOU HEAR HIM??? I would find my inner self screaming in frustration. But that was because I was wanting quick results with not a lot of effort on my part. I wanted to benefit from a relationship I wasn’t giving to. I wanted quick and audible and obvious replies. But the thing is, even if I did hear His voice, I wouldn’t have recognized who it belonged to.. or worse, I wouldn’t have wanted to do what He said.

I recall hearing the idea that you cant turn a ship, we’re talking a big Titanic-like ship, around quickly. It takes a while to get it facing the opposite way and so is it true for those coming back to God. Sometimes you can’t just quickly flip back around. It takes time.
Time praying.
Time singing.
Time reading.
Time thinking.
Time waiting..
but eventually.. you’re facing the right way again. And when you’re facing the right way, you can see and hear everything you’re meant to be seeing and hearing.
I feel that in my own life, I’m finally facing the right direction. I’ve been able to work on maintaining more of a constant state of prayer and I really do believe that I’m more open to hearing His voice, His prodding, His leading. It’s a remarkable thing. Over the past week several instances have shown up where I really felt His presence and voice of instruction. I ended up feeling obliged to decline one scenario which seemed relatively harmless yet gave me zero inner peace and actively participate in another, which was a situation where I needed to trust Him much more than I’d been regularly doing. I didn’t feel at peace until I obeyed those instructions. It was crazy! But so good.
Yes I know that there is a trap we can fall into.. misinterpreting our personal feelings as God’s voice but I also believe that if we are working on spending time with Him daily, we come to know what is His voice and what is actually just plain nerves, lies or less glamourously.. indigestion.
I have been trying to be awake this year. Awake to God. Little did I know, that one of the benefits of being awake, is that I can actually hear His voice. It is my prayer that I will remember this and when I’m tempted by laziness, loudness or to wander away, I will remember what joy exists when I am close enough to hear Him.

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