Getting Back to It!

fit-keep-running I went for a run after work last night. It has been a series of high-pressure days at work but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway usually evening running is not my thing but last night it worked! I run a 2.2 kilometre loop through a park that is around a stadium. (there’s a hole in the bottom of the sea..lalala) Due to the stadium and various other sports venues in the park, quite often I’m not the only one running the loop. Well I live in Tokyo, I’m never the only one doing anything, unless we’re talking about standing around looking confused with blonde hair. So I was running and starting to feel good.. and then suddenly this entire baseball team rushes past me.. The thing is.. they kept lapping me! Fast little guys! But I didn’t let them discourage me.. I just kept going.. around and around. I do need to explore some other routes..

I ran 10K last night and it actually felt great. I hadn’t run that distance since I was in Canada and so was unsure about my speed and overall ability to keep something of a pace but I did my thing and my nike+ app seemed impressed.

Most of the training for half marathon programs I’ve been looking at want a person to be able to run 10K rather easily and I’m happy to report that I fit into that camp. So I’ll do that a couple more times before increasing my distance and hopefully I can get myself ready for April 14th.


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