Making it Simple

385270_162143670599429_850281826_n  I love the simplicity of finding a road and running on it. The whole idea of just getting on with it… just doing it, really works for me because why make it more complicated than that?

Sundays have now become my long run days. I must be honest: they are hard. There is something incredibly rewarding at the end of it but during it, maaaan I’d rather be brunching with the newspaper. I’ve noticed that no matter what day it is, the first 20 minutes are far from enjoyable. But eventually my feet find their rhythm and my breathing regulates and I start to just get on with it. Then I start to like it. It’s all very simple really. I must remember that when I’m putting on my shoes on Sunday mornings.

I think I’ve got my training schedule set. I’m kind of going off a few different things. Long runs on Sundays, recovery run on Monday, speed work Wednesday, Friday getting out there and doing something and then lots of pilates and yoga and Zumba and TRX as cross training.

I’ve also decided to cut out alcohol as of February 1st. I am a firm believer that it does affect what happens on the scale and runs are never great the day after a glass or more. Also when I have a drink, it’s harder to control what I’m snacking on so it makes sense to just cut it out completely for a while. I want to run well and I want to be lighter so.. that’s the plan. I’ve told my friends I’m just having a dry February but I’m going to push it until at least the end of March. I have a beach holiday and being able to have a drink out of a coconut with an umbrella is appealing.

So there you have it.. running lots, eating well, drinking water.. and that’s that!



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