Radical Reading

Radical_cvr:Mechanical File I recently finished reading David Platt’s book Radical and I can say without hesitation that it is a total game changer! He’s brilliant in terms of being so up front and clear about the gospel and what God requires of us but at the same time he writes so plainly that it just makes sense.

While the book is fairly short, it took me a while to read it because I had to continually stop and think about what I was reading and how to digest it all. The main idea is that we need to be radical in our faith, we need to understand our purpose for being on this planet and our true calling… it does require some processing. He does talk about selling our belongings and moving overseas but in a way that it makes sense. Is the point of life attaining material possessions?

I appreciated it because Platt does emphasize that this whole world is temporary and there are billions of people alive on the planet who do not know God. What other reason are we created than to tell the world about Jesus? If that is the point, than why are we so reluctant to do that? Why has being comfortable become so important to us?

Platt writes about different missionaries who “lost” or rather “gave” their lives serving Christ. Something clicked with me.. the idea that yes, if we are called to serve God in a radical way.. and our lives are to be lived in constant daily obedience, then when God is done with us, rather when we have accomplished all we need to for Him .. He’ll just bring us home. It’s kind of cool. So really all that matters on this earth is how we are serving God and obeying Him in our lives.

Platt also spends much time talking about who Jesus really is and what it means to follow Him completely.. radically. He talks about giving to the poor and needy, about helping the needs around us and the needs overseas. He ends the book with a challenge.. a challenging challenge but one that could be accomplished in a year. The challenge has seemingly easy elements such as reading the bible and praying for the entire world to more complicated and uncomfortable parts like taking the gospel somewhere for a week. Imagine, if every person who claims to be a Christian attempted a challenge such as this one.. we would be a force to be reckoned with.

I highly recommend this book although must warn you that it will make you delightfully uncomfortable and stir up things in your heart that will require you to look at your life in a totally different way.

P.S. If you want to hear David Platt talk about his book … click here. And after you’re done that.. go buy a copy!


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