It starts with a B

Biggest Loser Chal TITLE FINAL OK so I admit it.. I have a bit of a weakness for reality tv.. well only reality tv shows that start with the letter B. I have been watching The Biggest Loser this season because well.. there’s something rather intriguing about watching Jillian Michaels lose her mind on people and it’s inspiring to see people start to gain control of their lives. I also like some of the snack/meal ideas and Bob is really nice and motivating and the other guy is pretty great!

Anyway the point to this is that before the contestants go on the scales at the end of the week they have the Last Chance Workout. It’s a total give-all, balls to the walls kind of event as they all do everything possible to ensure they’ll hit a low number on the scale. It’s a cool concept and I’ve recently taken to viewing my weekends as such an event.

A while ago I read on another blog and I’ve said it before, that weekends do matter. It’s hard though to stay motivated and what is it about Fridays that make me soo insanely hungry? However, I used to look at weekends as a nice time to “rest up” but that never made me lighter on a Monday morning scale session. So now I’ve taken to viewing them as my Last Chance Workout. I sweat my guts out at Zumba on Saturday and then Sundays I have my long run plus whatever strength things I can squeeze in there. Instead of looking for fun but naughty snacks to eat and ways to rest up and be lazy.. I’m viewing weekends as giving me more time to workout.

I’ve also noticed that I don’t drink nearly enough water on weekends so I’ve been consciously carrying my 2 litre water bottle around with me and trying to right that situation.

Little by little it’s happening and I’m still amazed that there is so much to figure out.. but I’m feeling good and things are clicking again.. and I just ordered some fun and pretty running things!


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