A Week Away-ish

nagano I spent this past week with about 40 Grade 7 girls skiing in Nagano. It was a blast.. most of the time! I’m not the world’s greatest skier so I end up joining the classes with the girls. It’s lots of fun seeing them in a different context and being able to hang out with them as something other than their teacher. It’s interesting too seeing them in their social groups, away from the confines of school.

It’s a pretty great trip to chaperone as we get to ski all day and at night the girls are too tired to be much of a problem. I loved being able to spend lots of time out in the fresh air. Japan has some really beautiful mountains and being out of Tokyo was a treat.

Now I’m back and gearing up to take this week by storm. I’m actually quite happy because I feel like I can actually get back to being a teacher again. It’s been so busy since we’ve been back that I feel like I’ve just been running from one thing to the next. With reports and assessments and meetings and getting things ready for being away.. I have just been scrambling. Now that’s all done and I can focus solely on teaching again.

I’m also happy to get back to my regular fitness routine. While skiing does burn mad amounts of calories, the food at this place was… well very carby. For example, a buffet consisting of spaghetti, fried chicken, french fries, curry & rice, deep fried calamari, bread and miso soup. Where were the vegetables at? When I got home the first thing I did was make a giant frozen berries and spinach smoothie! Anyway I’m glad to be back to my regular eating too.

I did my long run this morning and not running for 4 days didn’t seem to set me back at all so we’re right on schedule. Anyway this is all very dull so I think I’ll end here!



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