Zumba_logo_1_high One of my favourite workouts is Zumba! Yes, it’s a bit fad-ish and I’m actually rather hopeless at it but I enjoy it.. I love it! I started going to classes back in September and I gotta say it’s probably the most fun way to burn calories I’ve ever encountered. Loud music and fast dancing around for 60-90 minutes.. it’s a good time!

Strangely, I noticed that it’s helped me with my running. I’m not exactly sure how/why.. I need to have a conversation with a physiologist I think but once I started taking my Zumba classes, I noticed I started feeling lighter and getting faster on the road.

I have found that group exercise really works for me. I’m still not a fan of running with people, unless they are family members, but when it comes to other forms of exercise, the group approach is great. It’s also great because they tend to do fast crazy songs and then slow them down a bit.. so the high and low intensity workout is really good!

The place I go to for classes is a Japanese/English gym but quite often I’m the only foreigner. I felt awkward about that for about.. 10 seconds. Then a good song came on and I saw that everyone was just really into their own moves and it was a good time. It’s also nice to have something away from work people. I’m fortunate to have some awesome colleagues/friends but at times I feel the need for my own thing and this has become that. I even have some friends there now.

Zumba makes me happy. I find myself smiling a lot during the class. That doesn’t happen with running as much. Yes, when I catch myself smiling when I run, it’s a big deal and usually an amazing moment but with Zumba.. it’s smiles and laughs the whole time. I think that’s pretty key for working out.. you gotta like it to stick with it!

Anyway, if you have a place with Zumba near you.. check it out. Yes, you’ll flail around the first few times but eventually you learn the moves and it gets to be more and more fun. Plus there ain’t no endorphin high like a Zumba-induced-endorphin high!


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