And Then It Was Good Again

love “You get out today?” my colleague asked me as he does every morning.

“I think my body is broken,” I mumbled in reply.

I proceeded to tell him about my very bad run and what had actually been a few unpleasant experiences with my running shoes and the road.
“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that,” he said, “your body is getting ready for a breakthrough.”
A what through?
He told me that my body was just freaking out, conking out but in actual fact it was geting ready to do something great. He told me about how he had a few horrible bike rides over the past week and then one day.. bam! He was faster and stronger and it all just came together. He told me that soon enough something would click again and I’d probably be faster or something.
I was skeptical but held onto the shred of hope that things would get better…
And you know what?
He was right!
They did!
Since my oh-so-very bad run, I have had three completely amazing experiences out there. One medium run, a long one and a short one. All good. I had to go out thrice to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I was shocked when I looked at my time! Fastest 5km, fastest mile.. new records for me.
I’m feeling good about running again. So people were right.. stick through the bad and it gets good again.
I kinda love running!

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