Safety First Kids

photo (10)11111 Life can be scary. Other than the ongoing ever present single woman fear of falling in the shower and not being discovered for days.. I also wonder what would happen to me if I fainted or collapsed on a run. This is even more complicated because I’m a foreigner.. don’t speak the language, hold no currency..  (if you know not of Paul Simon ignore this). I am hugely digressing here..

Alright…  well I often worry about what would happen if something happened to me while I was out running. How would people know who I was? Who would they call? What would become of me? Well, thanks to Road ID, I worry no longer! My dad used to wear these super cool dog tags when he was training for marathons but has since given them up for a cool ID bracelet. He recommended the site to me and I was quick to jump on this RoadID bandwagon. I ordered the bracelet online and it came within a week or so. It’s great because you can go for the simple model or upgrade it a bit which allows you to pick the colour of band you want.

My bracelet has my name, my country, my work’s phone number, my mother’s phone number and an inspirational quote. I dig it.

The whole process was super easy and almost completely enjoyable. The website is easy to work with, the ordering process is simple and their communication is quick, efficient and friendly. They also give you several chances to check the wording for errors etc. I appreciate that.

RoadID has a variety of other running/biking products that I have sitting in my online shopping basket ready for my next late night internet shopping spree.

So go check them out and get yourself an ID bracelet. You can’t put a price on safety! (click here)

HA! It sounds like I’m being paid to write this but I assure you.. I am not. I just get really excited about new products and things to buy and want to share the goodness.


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