Lunch Just Got Real Crazy!

lunch For me, lunch is the time of day where everything can go so very wrong! If I’m not prepared I can generally make some bad decisions which ends up throwing the whole day off. Often, if left to my own devices, I’ll choose a curry or something comforting and rice based. This is not conducive to an awake and productive afternoon. I know it’s better when I bring my lunch to work but I don’t feel I have time in the morning to make anything healthy and at night.. well nights are not reliable.

And so while browsing about on Pinterest.. (I’m a bit addicted dontchaknow) I found this idea of Salads in a Jar. Well I started googling this foreign concept and then committed to trying it for a week.

Salads in a Jar is the coolest thing since… well sliced bread isn’t all that cool is it? Anyway the idea is that you prepare salads in a jar and the jar keeps them fresh and crisp for the whole week. This is true! It hardly takes any time. You put your dressing in the bottom, then your hard vegetables, then softer vegetables, then a layer of quinoa, then your lettuce and seal it up tight and voila! Lunch for 5 days! I have also added meat to these jars but am playing around with meat before or after quinoa. So far I haven’t noticed any difference.

Last week I made 5 jars and I gotta say, it was great! Fresh salad every day! My colleagues were impressed. I just dumped the salad out of jar onto a big plate and it worked well. There is the idea that one can eat salad right from the jar but I think that’s just awkward. I must admit that by Friday I was feeling a tad sad about eating the same salad so I had a sandwich and ate the last salad on Saturday (it was STILL fresh!). What I learned from Friday is the importance of mixing up some of the ingredients to add a bit of variety to the hum drum experience of a salad every day.

This week I have several different salads, some are made with cut up turkey burger meat and I also have a salmon, avocado, tomato combo going on. I’ve used different kinds of lettuce and dressings so hopefully it’ll be a bit more of a party on my plate.

I have also found that this lunch fills me up and I believe contributed to a 2 pound weight loss this week! Yippee!!!

Next week I’m going to try to make these jars even more diverse.. I might add some beans or something…watch out! I’m on a roll!


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