A Daily Thing

quiet times If you were to read my prayer journal (no peeking, it’s private) you would probably give me low marks when it comes to variety of my prayer requests. Not because I don’t have much to pray about but more because it seems like I am constantly needing to pray about the same things over and over.

I have a few constant struggles that if I’m not daily addressing in prayer, seem to dominate my thoughts and life. I grow frustrated with how I’m always praying about these things but as someone once told me, if my continuous struggles are what keeps me in constant communication with God, well it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I was reading in Psalm 68 this morning about how God daily bears us up (vs 19). Emphasis on the word daily. I sensed immense comfort in knowing that this is just one of the amazing things our God does for us. He daily bears me. It’s okay that I need Him to do that every day. It’s okay that without asking Him for help, I’m not able to handle certain situations.

The Psalm ends with “He is the one who gives power and strength to his people” (35) which just further shows me how present He is/needs to be in my life.

God is the source. He has all the good stuff. He’s there to bear us up, to give us what we need in order to get through the day, from helping us form better attitudes and thought patterns to our salvation.

Sometimes the simplest ideas seem the most difficult to grasp. So whatever it is that you’re facing this week, remember it is God who bears us up daily and gives us the power and strength we need to get through the day, the week, the month… We have help in this!


One thought on “A Daily Thing

  1. Thankful that I stumbled across this post. I was struggling with the same thoughts and frustrations today. I felt that I was praying for the same situation over and over (and over) again. Then it clicked, this situation is brining me closer to God and drawing me into His word and I am grateful for that.

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