boracayAnd I’m back! I had an absolutely amazing time in Boracay and think I have now found my new favourite beach. Everything was perfect: white beach, crystal blue water, perfect temperature, lots to do but lots to not-do too, good food, good drinks, good mangos! It was excellent all around.

But now I’m back and fighting off the post-holiday blues. I am also sitting here on the first of April and thinking about how I have a little less than 3 months before summer holidays. How did that happen?!? There is a lot that must get done between now and then and while the easy thing is to just grin and bear it..I really don’t want to just coast along until June.

I found a quote the other day that totally spoke to me. It’s by Shauna Niequist and she says:

“There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming.”

I really like that idea. It’s simple yet deep.

To just focus on becoming what I’m meant to become. To calmly go about my daily tasks and not give in to temptations to either be totally wild or totally comfortable. To accept my circumstances but to work on improving them.

I started thinking about that and what that means to me and what I need to do in order to “become” all I need and should beome. I think a lot of that has to do with finding contentment. I can so easily become sidetracked and lose focus and I don’t want that to happen. So I will work on devoting April to “becoming”.

Becoming more Christ-like in my thoughts, words and actions as I spend more time reading about Jesus and His perfect example.

Becoming more efficient as I try to balance all of the marking, report writing and teaching I have to do.

Becoming a better runner as I finish training and run my first half marathon

Becoming more disciplined as I apply all I’ve been reading about eating clean and make smarter choices.

Becoming more thoughtful as I read more books and watch less shows.

Becoming more creative as I devote time to writing down all the ideas I have swimming in my head.

Becoming more content as I trust God to work out and in all the details of my life that keep me up at night.

Becoming stronger as I work on improving and growing in all of these areas.

And so.. while March ended on a high but relaxed note and April looms ahead with all it’s busyness, I’ll take a deep breath and look it straight in the eye and hopefully I will be a little bit different, a little bit better by the time we get to May.


One thought on “Becoming

  1. Great perspective as you enter into the home stretch – praying for you that you will “become” all that God intends for you! I think I should adopt this list as well except maybe the running part:)

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