Trust and Peace..

The past couple of weeks have been rather trying weeks for me and my family. We have been waiting for some information that will greatly affect all of us, in particular one of us. I have been amazed at how by clinging to God and His word, He equips us with all that we need. Everything.

If I were to put a label on last week.. I would call it the week I learned to TRUST in God. Yes, I’ve always claimed to trust Him but when faced with a situation where I really feel like the path He is choosing isn’t very pleasant for anyone, it’s a different story. I found that He really worked on my heart last week and got me to the point where I was able to sing that Blessed Be Your Name song and mean it. It was about clinging to His promises and trusting Him completely.

This week has been different. It’s amazing how hard it is to wait. Especially when what we are waiting for is completely unknown. Through my own time with God and through various people sending me encouragement and passages that they believed God wanted them to share with me, I learned to adopt a peace I had never experienced before. I had heard of the idea of the “peace that surpasses all understanding”.. the deep peace found in God, but honestly I don’t think I have been in a position where I needed it more than I do now. And you know what? God gave that to me. Despite the chaos and uncertainty and emotional highs and lows, deep down, I am at peace. This week has been about PEACE.

This just further illustrates to me how loving our God is to His children. The fact that He cares about us enough to help us work through our emotions… it’s really overwhelming. I have my eyes open right now (I am awake) and I can see Him reaching out to me through other people, through The Bible, through songs, through words and actions, reaching out and holding me firm.

Yes, the storm is rough and about to get rougher but I faithfully trust the Captain and I am at peace.


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