If I was home for Thanksgiving, most likely we would go around the table and share one or two things that we are thankful for. Since this is my blog, I can share way more!

I am thankful for:

An amazing family that pulls together during tough times.

A incredibly brilliant father who possesses a “talent for happiness” and whose strength inspires me daily.

A strong and brave mother who never stops thinking about those around her and is able to help me put life into perspective.

A talented brother who possesses enthusiasm for life and dedication to his craft.

A sister who is the definition of lovely in every single way. I am continually blessed by having her in my life.

Friends who are scattered all over the globe but understand me and support me in all sorts of different and amazing ways.

Skype and email and all the ways that help make the world seem a little smaller.

A job that stretches me almost every single day.

The opportunity to coach a cross country team even though it was insanely tiring.

Colleagues who care.

And in looking at this list I would have to say that at the end of the day…

I am thankful that there is so much love in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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