A Healthy and Beautiful 2014

And now we are safely into 2014. Yet again I haven’t made a grand list of things I want to check off this year but I do have some ideas I’m wanting to focus this year around. Last year, 2013, was largely about being Awake and doing things on Purpose (hence the name of this blog) and I think I managed to stay focused on those two ideas for the majority of the year. In thinking about 2014, I have come up with two new ideas. I want to centre this year around Health and Beauty. No, not like the aisles in Shoppers Drug Mart but I want to live under those two words, making 2014 a year that is truly healthy in every sense of the word: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental… And beautiful in that I actually stop and enjoy and appreciate all of the beautiful things in my life.

So what does that look like? Well in terms of: HEALTH

– to begin each day with God. Reading His word and journalling and I actually have this strange idea of writing out the New Testament by hand. More on that later.

– to eat properly.. which means clean food.

– to exercise every day. Get back into running and weights and just generally being active.

– to read more, watch less.

– to write more, which will have to happen as I have enrolled in a Creative Writing Course. More on that later too.

– to work on and foster healthy relationships, be a better daughter, sister, friend, colleague etc etc.

The idea of BEAUTY or being able to appreciate all that is BEAUTIFUL has been stirring in me for the past few months. I was becoming rather depressed, well I use that term lightly, about the lack of beauty I see in Tokyo. My commute to work involves grey buildings and busy roads. I was envious of some people I know who get to pass by St Paul’s Cathedral on their commute or who can escape into Central Park. I was reminiscent of my walks along the Rhein and missing the easy access to that kind of intense beauty. So instead of quitting my job, I decided that I want to be more aware of what is beautiful all around me. I want to notice the little things and when things are not beautiful, I want to make them so. Whether that be spending more time creating a beautiful meal, or using a beautiful tea cup or wandering down an unknown street in search of small beautiful things. I also figure that because I’m actually an adult now, I can choose to make my life beautiful if I want to.. and I want to.

Of course, this also goes hand in hand with the idea of working on my outer beauty. Yes, I’m that shallow but if you know me you also know that I’m not the most gifted when it comes to doing my hair and makeup properly. I can usually summon enough je ne sais quoi to look decent but I rarely put effort into such things. So I do want to spend more time working on how I present myself.

And of course, even more importantly, in fact most importantly, I want to work on having beautiful insides. Beautiful guts! I want to be kinder and wiser and speak more slowly and with more love. I want to be selfless and generous and I want to be sincere and really listen to people.

So I’m going to approach 2014 with the mindset that the choices I make are ones that either make me more healthy or more beautiful or both. I’m hoping that this simple recipe will be one that will work and help to make 2014 a truly healthy and beautiful year.


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