Thursday Thoughts

It seems like we can never get everything to be okay all at the same time. When one hurdle is jumped it’s only a matter of time before the next one pops up. I didn’t mean to begin this in a Debbie Downer tone because this isn’t a pity party post. I remember my mom once telling me that God puts difficult people in our lives for a reason and when one leaves the scenario, it’s only a matter of time before another one enters. And she wasn’t being a Debbie Downer either, even though her name is Deb. She was teaching me that I have to embrace the fact that less-than-stellar aka more-grace-required people will always be present in our everyday. Fun right?

One thing that I’ve noticed is how amazing it is that I can take these situations and people to God in prayer. I have written before about how praying over difficult people, I think it was students at the time, has an amazing effect. I continue to find this to be true. I sometimes think that God puts those people in our lives so that we will continue to rely on Him, over and over, every. single. day. I don’t enjoy doing life with annoying people but if that is what keeps me praying for patience and love and kindness… well in a strange sort of way.. it’s worth it.
Last night, in the middle of the night, I checked my phone. That’s a bad thing to do. It’s a bad thing to do for many many reasons but it happened. I read an email with content that gave me an idea about what my Thursday would end up revolving around. I stewed and fretted about it for a while and then decided to plan my early morning in such a way that I would be in control of all the things of which I could be in control. I went for a run so my body wouldn’t feel gross. I drank coffee and ate oatmeal so my stomach wouldn’t feel weird. I spent time praying about the situation so my heart wouldn’t feel messed up. I psyched myself up and all of these little things really helped.
I was also listening to Casting Crowns and the line: “You are the only one who can calm every storm” really jumped out at me. I did need God to go before me and calm the storms I was about to face. It was so comforting to know that He would do that. I felt like I had everything I needed to go into the day.
And so now the day is almost over and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I am still in the midst of the storm in some regards but I feel like God is here with me and giving me everything I need to get through it.
I love that God takes care of us on every level.

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