“Just the Highlights Please”

PROUD OF – making almost all of my own meals for the past few weeks. I’ve had the crock pot going on weekends and so had healthy homemade lunches and dinners almost every night. If you knew how often I usually eat out or how easy it is to buy pre-made dinners or how incompetent in the kitchen I really feel, you’d know what an accomplishment this has been.

GRATEFUL FOR – feelin the love from family and friends. This crazy life means that I am often far from loved ones and have friends and family scattered all over the place– yet sometimes it’s not all that lonely. I have met some pretty amazing people in my life and I am so thankful to be living life with so many people in my corner.

LETTING GO OF – expectations. Whoa– this just got heavy. But for real I’ve been thinking a lot about how my greatest grievances with other members of the human race has to do mainly with how they don’t do life or handle things the way I would and honestly, how arrogant can I be? (The answer is: Plenty Arrogant– but shhh! I’m working on that!) But I do need to let go of being irritated by people’s choices and decisions and just let them do their thing.. man. It’s all about accepting people for who they are and where they are at in life and encouraging them.. (cue peace sign and laid back hippie music)

OBSESSED WITH – February. I do love this month and I’m loving the Olympics! Having them in Russia really works TimeZone wise for me! Also, there is something nice about February… it’s not January for one thing! Plus, I kinda like Valentine’s Day with all the pink and red hearts and chocolates and lovey dovey stuff. Good times!

EXCITED ABOUT – skiing next weekend. 5 friends and I are heading to a lodge at the bottom of the ski hill for three days, two nights of skiing and fireside sitting.

COMMITTING TO – Writing Everyday AND Working Out Every Day. I fear that in order to write well, I may need to get up early and write and then do my running and workouts after work. I don’t love this idea but I find that more evenings than not, I have fuzzy brain and have used up all my good words by lunch time. So I’m thinking of changing things up a bit.. Also on the mornings that I have sadly not beaten the sheets, which means I have not run, I’ve been walking to work and I find that it’s actually a nice way to ease into the day. So maybe some early morning writing and walking and then evening running and TV, I mean Russian Novel Reading,would be just thee thing.

And that’s it for me… for now.


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