Getting back on the wagon can be kind of fun. I enjoy filling my fridge with healthy food, I enjoy pinning healthy recipes and inspirational quotes on Pinterest, I have fun ordering pretty workout clothes online. I live for creating workout playlists. I get excited about making healthy changes. I can usually keep this going for a couple of weeks…

And then-— something happens. I look at myself in the mirror and.. blech. I feel my clothes and wonder why they don’t feel looser… are they actually getting tighter???I go for a run and wonder why it isn’t easier. I eat a salad for lunch and wonder why it doesn’t taste better… (actually I probably know the answer to that one) I think of my friends who can drink all the wine and eat all the chocolate cake they want and it doesn’t haunt them. I think about how it’s going to be a loooong time before I am able to consume calories with wreckless abandon…And I’m jealous and depressed.
And so – I wallow for a little bit. Not a long bit.. just a little bit. Then I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that I can do it. Bad days happen to everyone. Good things are worth working for and being fit and healthy is a good thing. In a few months, I’ll be thanking myself for eating asparagus instead of french fries. In a few weeks I’ll be grateful that I kicked my butt out of bed and made it run around the park super early. I might feel discouraged and like all of my efforts are for nothing but I know that they are not. I know this is just a yucky bump and I know that I got over them once before and I will get over them again.
And now — I am okay again. I may not feel fantastic, I may not be having tons of fun but I will get through this day, this week, this month and I’ll come out the other side feeling and looking a whole lot better. I believe this. I have seen it happen.
This is one day, tomorrow is a new one and so I will hang on!

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