“Just the Highlights Please” – The April Edition

This month is flying by! Spring is in the air and you can feel the excitement. Lots to do but summer break isn’t all that far away anymore!

PROUD OF: Getting better at my 4 hours a day plan. No this isn’t like a Tim Ferris thing… it’s more of a personal commitment to get on with becoming who I want to be. It involves: Running/working out for 1 hour a day, walking for 1 hour a day, reading for 1 hour a day, writing for 1 hour a day. I can’t say that I’ve had a string of successful 4 hours a day but I’m getting better at it and am much more focused.

GRATEFUL FOR: An unexpected visit from home. I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple from church from home and it was the most encouraging evening ever. It was so good to connect with home. There is also something incredibly comforting about spending time with people who have known me for longer than 2.5 years, know my family and know what I’m really all about. I felt very loved.

LETTING GO OF: work. I mean letting go of being upset by things that aren’t going quite right and people who aren’t acting quite the way I’d like them to be. I know that I can’t let work define me and I’m working on not letting a bad day there affect every area of my life. I’m learning to stop thinking about work when I get home and focusing on the other parts of my life. Balance baby!

OBSESSED WITH: Ingrid Michaelson’s new album – Light’s Out. This is good listening! It’s been on repeat for over a week and I can’t see that changing any time soon! Give yourself the gift of song and download it immediately.

EXCITED ABOUT: Next year. I just found out that a really good friend of mine was hired by the school for next year. I was feeling a little sad and lonely so this new news is just what I needed. It’ll be great to live in the same city again. More later… once she has announced it!

COMMITTING TO: Kissing Wheat goodbye. It seems like my nearest and dearest are all cutting out the stuff and I know that with my own eating.. something’s gotta give. I’ve been pretty wheat and sugar-free lately (with the exception of an evil Laura Secord chocolate egg that was sent by my lovely mother to Tokyo) and I feel great even though it’s only been a couple weeks.


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