Little Thoughts in the Morning

While reading Psalm 84 this morning a few verses really stood out to me . “Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself” (3a). It struck me that in God’s courts, kingdom, presence there is a sense of belonging that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s an experience that we as Christians are blessed to have. Living overseas can be oh-so-lonely sometimes and even though I have some excellent friends, it’s hard when they just don’t “get” that whole christian side of me. When I go to church and sit in the pew and listen to some familiar song or hear people speak about God’s goodness, it gives me a sense of finally being home. I’m surrounded by people who may or may not talk to me but they believe what I believe or something like that.. and it’s a huge comfort. We are not meant to be lonely or alone in our faith and I love that God provides a way for us to have company in this journey.

It’s hard to fit into this world and it’s difficult to find our place sometimes. It’s easy to be lonely in a crowd or feel out of place but with God, it’s so different. We belong with Him, we have a place with Him, even the sparrow.





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