“Just the Highlights Please” – The August Edition

Sheesh! That’s cutting it close to the line! 

Hi Guys! I’m back! Yes, it’s been a while and I’ve had lots going on that I’ll write about in more detail later but thought I’d keep it short and sweet this morning– so here we go:


PROUD OF: Getting on top of things financially. I still have a bit of a way to go but I’ve made some significant headway in the last little while and so I’m pretty pumped that the dark tunnel of debt isn’t quite so dark… Was that too much information? I never know what kind of money talk is appropriate but hey! This is my blog and I’m talking about it.

LETTING GO OF: My hopes that they’ll find that missing Malaysian Airlines flight and that all of the passengers are living out a LOST sort of scenario on some tropical island somewhere.  I’m not quite there but… OK but seriously– still working on letting go of the expectations I put on people. This year I have resolved to not dwell on unpleasantries at work and just smile and laugh it off. It’s working, mostly.

GRATEFUL FOR: My Canadian friend who I met in Germany. She and I worked together for my last year in Germanland and she just moved here and it’s made all the difference really! She lives super close to me and I love having a good buddy back in my world. She’s really one of the coolest people I know and already we’ve had some super great times and talks so I feel like this year will be a lot brighter now that she’s around.

OBSESSED WITH: Dona Jo leggings and my Flipbelt. My running life has been spruced up. If you don’t know about Dona Jo and her fabulous leggings please do yourself a favour, google Dona Jo Fit Wear, and order some! Funky patterns, so comfortable and light and cool. But be careful– they are highly addictive. Also I recently bought a Flipbelt (I know it’s pretty obvious why I’m in debt… I just love stuff so much!!!) and I adore it! Best running accessory I’ve ever had. Holds keys and iPhones and money and whatever else you may want to take with you while sweating it out. This belt will change your life! OK enough of a sales pitch. And just for the record I’m not being paid to endorse these products. Considering I have a readership of about seven people.. and two of them are my parents– companies don’t seem to be flooding my mailbox with free stuff to endorse…yet. I’m just loving these things and think you will too!

EXCITED ABOUT: Life. How broad can you get!?! But really, I’ve been spending lots of time with God lately and have seen Him do some pretty incredible things in such a short period of time. There are lots of unknowns but I’m loving this ride and being able to trust that He will work everything out– even the little details that stress me out between the hours of 3 and 5am.

COMMITTING TO: Getting back in tip top shape. I’ve started coaching cross-country and it’s been hard but good. The really good news is that I haven’t died or passed out. The girls are fast and happily I’m getting faster too. I’m feeling a lot better being more active and getting on top of things. (the whole 20 minute 5K thing obviously hasn’t happened.. yet) I’m also committing to hitting the gym a couple times a week. You know the whole “picking things up and putting them down” thing.


And that’s it for now. I do have lots of ideas swimming around my head that I plan to blog on later so hopefully all 7 of you will stay tuned…



One thought on ““Just the Highlights Please” – The August Edition

  1. Loved reading all of this Jess and excited with you to see how this next year unfolds as we continue to trust The Lord!

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