“Just the Highlights Please” – The September Edition

Really did mean to write a couple of proper posts but this month has been nothing short of a whirlwind and so– here’s hoping there will be some breathing time in October.

PROUD OF: Being able to maintain some amount of sanity amongst the craziness of the school year. It’s definitely been a hit-the-ground-running situation.. sometimes literally. So far I think I’m surviving and haven’t messed anything up too badly. So much of it is due to being able to spend time with God and asking Him to give me time and discipline to get things done. I love how He answers those prayers!

LETTING GO OF: Unhealthy choices. I have been working really hard at losing weight and getting fit and I’m realizing that I need to stop turning to food to ‘regulate or medicate’ myself when I’m feeling stressed or happy or sad or bored. I’m learning that it’s true that being and feeling healthy is a way better feeling than the feeling one gets after demolishing a pizza.

GRATEFUL FOR: My students. No matter what else is going on at work, it’s a happy thing to shut the classroom door and be able to teach and spend time with a great group of girls. They make me laugh even when they are driving me a bit crazy and I feel very fortunate to be part of their lives.

OBSESSED WITH: The 17 Day Diet. My friend and I are just about finished Cycle 1 and I’m really quite into it. At the beginning I thought that I would just try and hang in for the first cycle but it’s working and I’m back to being obsessed with taking care of myself. OK let me clarify that I do know that it’s possible that a diet obsession can actually become an unhealthy thing but work with me here. I have a long way to go before that becomes an issue. Right now I’m just really into making good choices and feeling good about my decisions.

EXCITED ABOUT: The Bible Study Fellowship group that I joined. I have never been part of BSF before and recently found myself part of a group here in Japan. It’s been great so far getting to know people outside of my work and having a group of women to study and share God’s truth with. I’m actually really enjoying the homework and my small group is pretty awesome!

COMMITTING TO: Reading more. It’s hard when the day is so long and I have lots of reading to do for my job but I really want to work on continuing to read my own things and not just for work. I like what happens to my thought-life when I have my head filled with words, words, words..



And so, that’s me for now. Still working away at the same things but also seeing some progress in some areas. October is looking to be busy but at the same time, I have some moments of quiet scheduled in there. And I must continue to remember what everyone who knows me knows is true: A busy J is a happy J.


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