Thoughts From Singapore

Singapore is a place where I do my thinking. It’s a place that’s different enough from my current every day, where I can think about my everyday and figure out what needs tweaking, or fixing, or what is totally fine just the way it is. It’s a place that’s similar enough to my past everyday that I am reminded of who I was 10 years ago, living along the equator for the first time and wondering what was to happen next. It’s a place that is completely different from where I see myself maybe next year or the year after that.. and so I can appreciate the now, the this, and be rather in the moment, able to enjoy this moment, this place in time, knowing that it may not happen again and being okay with it.

Yes, it’s good to get away. It’s good to reflect. It’s good to have a change of scenery, in routine. It’s good to stop and think about what I’m doing now and is this what I really want to be doing next year? In 5? In 10? It’s good to sit and wonder if there is more to this? If I’m doing all I can and being all I can be? I’m pretty sure I have not reached the prime in my career, in my life, so what do I need to do to make sure I reach that and when I realize that I am in fact in my prime, I’m happy with where I am?

And then the more sobering thought– what if this IS my prime? Then what needs to be changed or rearranged to make it .. well the perfect prime? It sounds like I’m writing about numbers…

So far into my Singapore trip I’ve realized that yes, in some areas I am well on my way to being “proud to live the life I’m living” but in other areas, I need change. In some aspects I’m encouraged with the progress I’ve made and am making, and in other aspects, I need to stop putting things off and start doing them.

Mostly, I’m just happy to have the time to get away and think….


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